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What should I do if I want to get pregnant and I'm already taking an antipsychotic?

Talk to your psychiatrist, if you have one, or ask your GP to refer you. Your GP or psychiatrist can refer you for a pregnancy planning appointment with a perinatal psychiatrist. He or she can help you to decide whether you should continue, change or stop a medication. The benefits of continuing antipsychotic medication will often outweigh the risks, both for you and your baby. But you will need to talk over the different issues involved with your psychiatrist before making your decision.


If you do decide to stop your antipsychotic medication, make sure that:

  • You don’t do it suddenly - this may make you unwell again.

  • You see someone from the psychiatric team regularly, so they can keep a close eye on your mental health.

  • You, and your family, know how to get help if you become unwell. 


At the pregnancy planning appointment, you can also discuss other issues including:

  • Your risk of becoming unwell again during pregnancy and after birth

  • The care and support available for you and your family

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